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  1. Joe Career

    Pokémon Enamorus-Incarnate

    To be fair, Haze is called "Black Smoke" in Japan.
  2. Joe Career

    Pokémon Goodra-Hisui

    Heck even a simple Cosmic Power copy would have sufficed.
  3. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    I'm starting to think that Ursaluna is a side-evo to Teddiursa and not an evo to Ursaring
  4. Joe Career

    Resource SS PU Viability Rankings

    Also it has decent attack and speed, good coverage in Close Combat, Drill Run, etc and Swords Dance so by default it would've been in the C's, it was just overlooked until now.
  5. Joe Career

    Metagame NP: ZU Stage 4 - More is Enough - Gallade and Turtonator Banned @37

    PU just banned Tauros, so that's one out of the way.
  6. Joe Career

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 4 - A Whole New World (Bans on post #160)

    Does this mean both forms of Indeedee are banned or only the male one? If both are banned I foresee a potential huge issue with Linoone as there will be basically no further priority control.
  7. Joe Career

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    I guess it was better than this then
  8. Joe Career

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Any reason why Galarian Slowking isn't on the preliminary Viability list? Just not worth using at all?
  9. Joe Career

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    On a more OU oriented note, it's the same thing for Heal Bell on Dragonite.
  10. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Zubat and Crobat are still under Gen 2.
  11. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    You can remove Zubat and Crobat from your list since these have been released with Crown Thundra.
  12. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Another gen, another Aurorus without Power Gem.
  13. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Aurorus gets Aurora Veil by breeding. The legendary beasts get Extreme Speed. Victini gets V-Create. Previously these were event only. Also looks like the Tapus are gonna be shit this gen. Tapu Fini didn't even get Life Dew.
  14. Joe Career

    Metagame UU Crown Tundra Speculation (SPOILERS!!)

    Entei can run Extremespeed with any nature and ability it wants. It's still not that strong of a breaker, although it might prefer now to go for more mixed sets still with the priority like Arcanine (now with other natures other than Adamant).
  15. Joe Career

    Other [SPOILERS] Ubers Crown Tundra DLC Speculation Thread

    A perhaps slightly relevant correction is that with the addition of the Hidden Ability Capsule, new movepools wil be unlocked that weren't available before. One such wil be Vacuum Wave Blaziken being available with Speed Boost, which could potentially be relevant as it is priority and all. There...
  16. Joe Career

    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Crown Tundra 22nd October

    This is HUGE. So much stuff becomes legal now. My personal favorite: Ice Shard Snowslash with Slush Rush. Ice Shard is obtainable from Let's Go but it was stuck with Snow Cloak, that is until now :D
  17. Joe Career

    National Dex General Information and Simple Questions Thread

    Is there any particular reason why Tapu Koko and Tapu Bulu aren't on the viability rankings of ND? Are they considered subpar, and if so for what reason?
  18. Joe Career

    Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Ok but it is actually always a Special move (aka always using the Special Attack stat)? Or does it become a Physical move (using the Attack stat)?
  19. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    For some reason, Alolan Sandslash doesn't learn Ice Shard, even though it can get it in LGPE. Guess I'll have to transfer. Anyway it's finally legal.
  20. Joe Career

    Resource Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: PU Edition

    You can refer to the PU Resources thread. There is a compendium for roles. To answer your question: "Heal Bell / Aromatherapy: :Musharna: :Glaceon: :Leafeon: :Lapras: :Roselia: :Togetic: :Vespiquen: :Meowstic-F: :Meowstic-M: "